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Consumer Returns Policy

The following Consumer Returns Policy applies Asthmanefrin.  The seller of the product reserves the right to deny replacement for returns not received in compliance with the terms of this policy.

Processing of a Return Authorization:

Consumers who wish to initiate a merchandise return must contact the seller of the product via email at returns@Asthmanefrin.com, or via phone: 1‐888‐777‐3922 to initiate an encounter/intake with the consumer service center.  Replacement will only be issued per the applicable terms of this policy.

Terms of the Return Policy:

  1. The seller of the product will decide, at its sole discretion, if any returns qualify for replacement to be issued, regardless if an encounter/intake has been generated.
  2. The seller of the product will only address device returns that are congruent with warranty conditions stated in the device instruction manual.
  3. All malfunctioning devices must be returned to the seller of the product for appropriate disposition.
  4. The seller of the product assumes the right to destroy, without payment or prior notice, any device returned.
  5. The seller of the product will not issue replacement for devices destroyed by third party reclamation programs whether initiated by the consumer, or the consumer’s seller.
  6. The seller of the product will assume no obligation to pay for the consumer’s costs to sort, process or otherwise utilize a third party reclamation company to process device returns.
  7. The seller of the product will only consider replacement for returns for products purchased through the seller of the product’s authorized consignee of record, or products purchased directly from the seller of the product.

Replacement Criteria for Returns:

  1. The seller of the product will issue replacement for product that is damaged, concealed or visible, so long as the damage is covered under warranty.
  2. The seller of the product will issue replacement for returns of product that are recalled or withdrawn from the market.

Please contact the Returns office for questions regarding this policy.

Product Returns Office:
4500 12th Street Extension
West Columbia, SC 29172



Orders received after 3pm CST will be processed the next business day.
Orders Received on Weekends will be shipped on Monday Dismiss